January fishing

I got out fishing today. This, after spending the better part of
the past two weeks cooped up, watching the outside
thermometer struggle (and fail) to reach the teens. Today wasn’t
warm by any stretch of the imagination, but I think at one point
it did get above freezing. My friend Matt and I, with Sage in toe,
ended up fishing a few nice, deep runs along the Snake. We both
managed to catch some whitefish, with the highlight being the
cutthroat Matt hooked on a dry fly! Not sure what Matt was
using, but I used a large Kodiak (my own creation) nymph with a
trailing zebra midge. The fish seemed to prefer the large nymph,
provided I got it down deep enough. Over all, we had a great
time. And judging by the snoring coming from Sage, she did

                                  snake in winter

A new year and a new blog..

I’m kicking off 2011 with Teton Fly Fishing’s new blog. While I
realize blogging has become yet another trendy thing to do these
days, I figured a little fishing writing here and there wouldn’t hurt
anyone. I’m going to do my best to use this forum to talk about
things that matter to me; mainly fly fishing, tying flies and
fishing around Jackson Hole. I’m sure however, that I’ll
occasionally delve into other interests- rock n’ roll music, BBQ,
art, etc. So welcome and enjoy!