Bahama Bonefishing

Just back from an 8 day fishing trip to the Bahamas. As many of you know, the Bahamas hold a special place in my heart. The great fly fishing, beautiful environment combined with kindest, friendliest people on earth keep me coming back to the islands. Two of my longtime Teton Fly Fishing clients, Chris and Mark, asked me to help put together a trip for them, combining my knowledge of the area and fishery with their desire to catch a bonefish. We rented a house on a fishy beach and spent the days chasing shadows (and hooking some!), relaxing and enjoying fishing at a relaxed pace.

Mark searching for tailers on a cloudy day. Wind and clouds made for tough sight fishing on these vast flats.

The first two days I took Chris and Mark wade fishing, teaching them the basics of bonefishing; presentation, fish behavior, etc. Both hooked fish the first day, with Chris landing his and Mark’s coming unbuttoned. A great start to their flats fishing experience! The guys then fished with Bahamian guides for the next two days, allowing me to fish on my own. The last few days were a mix of wade fishing together and the three of us fishing with a guide together. The guys enjoyed the relaxed pace of a “DIY” trip as opposed to the full service lodge stays they’re accustom too. In addition to the good fishing, it was nice to lounge a bit; reading, painting and relaxing. While we cooked a lot of our meals, the small beach bar a few lots down provided us with some great meals and cocktails.It was a successful trip with all of us catching bonefish, missing bonefish and having a great time in the evenings telling stories with Rum in hand. I think the guys learned a lot and appreciated the difficulty involved in fooling the “grey ghost”. They already proclaim they are ready for next year!

Chris with his first Bonefish! Not a bad size fish to get him hooked!
Shameless selfie on the flats
While the guys fished with a guide, I had a hell of a day wade fishing on my own.
Three’s company… thanks to Shervin for taking his panga to accommodate the three of us. Despite the crazy number of sharks, we caught some bones both from the boat and wading

Always nice to have time to do a little painting when the weather’s not conducive to fish spotting. Fortunately it cleared up and we got out for a few hours in the afternoon.
Chris shows off an angry barracuda. Man can these guys fight!
Chris, me, Danny (our fabulous caretaker) and Mark.