A little of this and some of that

Over the past week or so I spent time guiding some great folks on a variety of fishy water. Longtime client Chris, came in and spent two days fishing/staying at the Teton Fly Fishing cabin. We focused our attention on some lakes, casting streamers and nymphs to nice rainbow trout from the drift boat. Springs is a great time to focus on lake fishing; trout are hungry and in the shallows, often allowing us to sight fish.

Chris shows off a nice rainbow from one of our days together on the water. Can’t wait to float him in July.

Chris' bow


In addition to fishing Chris, I also had the pleasure of meeting and fishing Donald and his wife Lacee. These guys had never fly fished before and were looking to spend a few hours learning and fishing. Donald’s interest stemmed from “the movie” and while we didn’t shadow cast, we did fish nymphs in the off color water. These guys did great, following instructions and fishing like champs. In the end, Donald caught one nice brown trout and one nice cutthroat trout. Not a bad start….

Donald’s all smiles as he shows off his first ever cutthroat trout!

Donald with his first ever snake river cutthroat trout

This weekend marks the opening of Yellowstone National Park for fishing. YNP is one of my favorite places to fish and I’m looking forward to spending some time up there with clients.

Nymphin’ on the Green

Got to take Joe on his first guided float fishing trip the other day. I debated where we’d fish prior to heading south, but after watching the level on the Green drop, I suggested we go see what’s happening. The water was in pretty good shape; off color, but by no means muddy. After helping Joe straighten out his cast and offering a few pointers, we begin fishing. Almost immediately Joe hooked into a big fish which ran him straight up river. Snap, fish gone but big smiles all around. Once Joe got comfortable fighting fish, he landed a few including a really nice brown trout. Countless other fish were lost and at times we donned raincoats to fight off rain showers. Overall it was a good day on the Green and one that Joe will remember.

Not a bad first fish on the fly rod! Nice brown Joe!

joes first fish with a fly rod

Some bamboo and cutthroat

Jamie, Lulu and I got out for a few hours of fishing yesterday, taking advantage of some great spring weather here in Jackson Hole. We choose a small stream, not too far from home. Too celebrate the day, I broke out my Sweetgrass bamboo fly rod; a really great rod made by the guys up in Twin Bridges. I choose to keep it simple and tied on a Royal Wulff, figuring that any trout in this water wouldn’t be too picky. The Wulff worked and we caught some fish; one of which was a real bruiser for such small water.

bamboo and cutthroat; fly fishing in Jackson Hole

swimming away

Jamie and I are gearing up for a trip to the Yampa River this week. We’re joining friends and doing a 5 day float through Dinosaur National Monument. No fishing on this stretch due to the big, muddy, warm water, so I’m leaving the fly rods at home and taking my paints. My plan is to capture our journey in watercolors; should have a report (and paintings) when we return on Sunday night.

If anyone reading this is looking to inquire about a fishing trip, please know that I will be out of touch until Sunday night. You’re welcome to email or call and leave a message and I’ll be sure to get back to you when I get home.