Sage, my fishing buddy

We learned that Sage, our 12 year old black lab (and
companion), has cancer. We took her to the vet on Monday to
have a lump checked out and yesterday she had it removed
(thanks Heather). She’s handling things like a champion despite
the stitches and large bandages around her abdomen. I’m not
sure how’s she’s going to handle not being able to do anything
active for two weeks!

Hopefully by having the tumor (and some
muscle) removed, we caught things before they spread, but
won’t know until results come back. Her spirit has been great
and apparently her blood work looked great. I’m keeping my
fingers crossed and hope she’ll come out ahead and be able to
get in another fishing season. I can’t imagine exploring western
waters without her. Here’s a shot of Sage supervising things
along the Yellowstone last fall.


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