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Snow and Whitefish

Well, when someone wants to do some winter fly fishing, better go fishing. Craig was visiting from TX and wanted to wet a line this week. We headed out for a few hours on the Snake yesterday despite the snow. We found some nice deep runs and proceeded to hook up with quite a few […]

Short Days

Boy, I’m not sure where the time has gone. It’s already approaching Christmas! Not much fishing news to report. I’ve been doing a fair amount of substitute teaching and artwork. Jamie, Lulu and I took a road trip over Thanksgiving to the Pacific Northwest. We visited some friends in OR and WA and got to […]

Fishing’s kept me busy

I’m back! Holy Smokes, I didn’t realize how much I have been slacking on my blog… Summer and Fall have flown by and I’ve done a poor job keeping up with things here on the Teton Fly Fishing blog. So sorry to anyone who checks this every now and then. Now that things are slowing […]

The week in review

Fly Fishing continue to heat up here in Jackson Hole. I spent the past week fishing folks on a variety of waters. The Green river is now fishing pretty well and it’s my go to for float trips at this time since the Snake is still high and muddy. Grey Drakes, PMDs, Stoneflies, etc. are […]

A variety of waters

I’ve spent the past few weeks guiding some great folks on a variety of waters here in the greater Jackson Hole area. The fly fishing’s been pretty good overall despite the big runoff we’re having. Yellowstone National Park has been the primary destination with folks. Thankfully the Firehole has been in great shape and allowed […]

Small streaming it

Finally some proper spring fishing weather around here! I recently spent three great days in the sunshine fishing a favorite small stream of mine with good friends. The fishing wasn’t anything outstanding, but the days were. My friend Jeromie gets into casting position… The man has a knack fo finding antlers. One of the beautiful […]

Losing the man that taught me to fish

Haven’t been doing too much fishing lately. Waters haven’t been in the greatest shape and work continues on the Teton Fly Fishing cabin. I’m happy to report that things are coming together nicely and I’m hoping to finish up in the next week or two. I snuck down to the water yesterday to wet a […]

March is for midges…

At last it seems like spring is coming. Days are much longer and warmer. There’s still TONS of snow around but lately we’ve seen temperatures in the 40s. This is great news for Wyoming fly fishermen. Midges are hatching on the Snake river and it’s not uncommon to have some really great dry fly fishing […]

Snowpack and what to expect

I just read a brief article about the predicted spring runoff and what to expect. It got me thinking about fishing options for guests and what folks can expect and look forward too this upcoming fishing season. The following are my thoughts, and hopefully will help you plan your Jackson Hole fly fishing trip. First […]

Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow, hey how about some more snow!

What a winter we’re having in Jackson Hole. It seems that the winter storms just keep coming and folks are running out of places to put the snow. So far this week we’ve had the Sears building’s roof collapse and then last night with wind gusts in the valley hitting near 90mphs, numerous power lines […]