givin’ the nymphs some movement

The fishing train kept on rolling this weekend with Sage and I
getting out on the water for a few hours on Saturday and
Sunday. Although the sun was shinning, the temperatures
stayed pretty cold (and the gusts of wind didn’t help any).
Despite this, the fishing was actually pretty good given the

Things started off slow on Saturday, but picked up mid
afternoon when some nice trout started feeding under the
surface. My dead-drifting nymphs went unnoticed, so I change
tactics and started giving my flies a little movement. (this
technique, whether with dries or nymphs, always seems to
work when fishing slow deep water as the fish usually are
keyed in on swimming/moving bugs.) The trout responded to
this and I manage to land quite a few fish. Sunday wasn’t as
productive and I came in earlier after putting up with relentless
cold winds. Still, a fish was caught so it wasn’t a total loss (and
it’s never a loss when you’re out on the water).

Looks like things might warm up a little this week here in
Jackson Hole. If so, I might sneak out tomorrow with my friend
Matt. Well, time to create the weekly cartoon..

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