Dog Sledding…

Not exactly fishing related, but thought you might enjoy a
photo or two from the recent dog sled race here in Jackson.
The International Pedigree Stage Stop Sled Dog Race takes
the last week in January every year. Teams race throughout
the western part of Wyoming, traveling to a new town each
day and finish in Park City, UT. This year my parents came
out and experienced the race kickoff last Friday night. They
had a great time and even tried dog sledding themselves,
taking a guided tour with my friend Frank Teasley’s Jackson
Hole Iditarod.

start of the IPSSSDR

sled dog races by


Tomorrow, I’m headed down to Evanston and then on to
Park City for the end of the race. With forecasted
temperatures to get as low as minus 30, there is no doubt that
it is cold here in Jackson. Naturally, there isn’t much fishing to
speak of (at least for the next few days). Hope to get a fishing
related post up here soon. In the meantime,
hope everyone stays warm!

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