Shameless video from fishing in Dubois

Brad, owner of the WD Fly Shop in Dubois, WY was kind enough to include me in a brief video he made recently. Brad joined Leon and I a few weeks back for a day of fishing on the Wind River. While he spent most of the time taking photos, he did manage to step into a nice run and land a brown trout, which apparently broke his whitefish streak. Anyway, Here’s the video. If you’re ever in Dubois, stop in and see Brad at his shop.

It’s only rock n’ roll and I like it

In addition to tying flies, playing guitar and making art,
lately I’ve made it a habit to read more. I’ve gotten through
quite a few books this winter but my hands down favorite was
“Life”, by Keith Richards. If any of you are Stones fans or just
fans of rock n’ roll in general, this is a must read! Keith covers
his whole crazy life, sharing details about song writing, life on
the road and his relationship with Mick Jagger.

Below is my Keef inspired rig- a Telecaster and a couple
Champ amps; what more do you need?

my rig

April Snow and fishless fishing

Snow has been falling for the better part of the week here
in Jackson. What started as some flurries and snow showers,
turned into a full-fledged winter storm Wednesday night,
leaving us with about eight inches of the white stuff here at the
house. So much for spring…

I was determined today to get out of the house and wet a
line. Winter storm watch be damned! I can report that the
fishing was good, the catching on the other hand, not so

My friend and I fished a piece of water to the north today.
Something that I’ve fished in the summer time with some
success, but never thought to fish in the spring. We remarked
on the walk in, as we trudged through waist-deep snow, “this is
either going to be the smartest thing we’ve done in a while or
the dumbest.” The jury’s still out. The water, although nice,
didn’t offer any pleasant surprises. We saw black stoneflies all
over the banks and caddis larva floating in the back eddies, but
no fish. As we cast to unoccupied riffles and runs, the snow
intensified, coating everything around us and creating utter
silence. I can tell you that despite the lack of fish, we had a
great time.

april fishing

A little dirty water never hurt anyone

Just because the water’s dirty doesn’t mean there aren’t fish
to catch. At least that was the case yesterday when I went
fishing with Leon and Gary. We battled high winds and water
that got dirtier as the day progressed, but were rewarded with
some nice Brown trout. Here’s Leon with one of his pet

leon with brown

Here in Jackson, we’re in the midst of what appears to be a
genuine spring thaw (finally). And despite the snow in the
forecast for this evening, it looks like temperatures will remain
on the warmer side (meaning rain here in the valley?). Jamie and
I still have a good amount of snow in the backyard, but it’s been
melting quickly the past few days, revealing a few small patches
of grass. In theory, the warmer weather means that fishing
around here should be good until the runoff begins.

One last note, Sage (our fishing companion) has made a full
recovery! Jamie and I took her stitches out last night and she’s
back to her old self.