Well, Christmas has come and gone and we’re close to
welcoming a new year with new fishing possibilities. I’m sorry to
report that I haven’t done any fishing. We’ve been dealing with
some seriously cold temps here in the Hole; minus 20 has been
the norm lately and daytime highs haven’t been high at all.
Needless to say we’ve been hunkered down, only going outside to
take Lulu for walks (who doesn’t seem to mind the cold at all).
Instead of donning the waders and long rod, I’ve been tying flies
for the upcoming season. Right now most of the ties are nymphs;
stoneflys, pheasant tail variations, zebra midges, etc. These are
patterns that I use a lot in the winter months, but also in waters
like the Green and Firehole rivers. The beginning of the new year
is always kind of fun, forcing me to organize fly boxes and order
fly tying supplies. Today Lulu and I are heading to the fishing
cabin. I imagine there’s some snowblowing to do and I’ve got some
woodworking projects to get on.

winter tying

at the cabin

Lulu and I are spending some time at the Teton Fly Fishing
cabin while Jamie’s out of town. Overall it’s been cold and wintery
so fishing hasn’t happened. I think I’ve gotten to a point where
sometimes it’s better to just lay low rather than prove something
by fishing when it’s too cold. It’s not so bad watching movies,
spinning records, hiking and doing some artwork. Lulu  

Lulu and I took a good hike this morning high above the
Teton Fly Fishing cabin. I was winded, Lulu, not so much.

nate's painting

One of the many painting I’ve been working on

The great southwest

It’s been cold here in Jackson Hole lately. Temperatures have
fallen below zero at night and daytime highs have struggled to get
out of the teens. Looks like that’s gonna change in the next few
days though and I’m hoping to get out on some water and wet a
line. I haven’t done any fishing lately, mainly because of the cold
temperatures and being out of town.

Jamie, Lulu and I took a road trip to the southwest over
thanksgiving, putting 2500 miles on the suburu and covering 4
states. Stops were made in Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and
Utah. Some great friends and family put us up along the way, with
the bulk of our time being spent in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Unfortunately I didn’t take any fishing gear, choosing instead to
focus on time with family and friends. I did do some scouting
though and will definately take a rod next time! Below are a few
pics from the journey…

Carson's home

Here’s Kit Carson’s home in Taos, NM. After reading a lot
about Carson over the years, it was really cool to stand where he
once spent time. We spent 2 nights in Taos staying with friends Mel
and Charlie; super cool folks who showed us around and made us
feel at home.

Nate and Jamie

Dressed up for a Thanksgiving feast. We went to a
friends house in Santa Fe for Thanksgiving dinner. Really had a nice
time walking around town a bit and then eating with some great
folks. Note the new Stetson… I picked that up in downtown
Albuquerque at the Man’s Hat Shop. If you’re every in the area, I
highly recommend picking up a hat there. The service was


Couldn’t resist a picture with Fred. Came across this
Flinstone themed campground on the way to the south rim of the
grand canyon.

Lulu keeps an eye out while I paintf

Lulu and I did alittle painting while at the Grand Canyon.
This was the first time I’d been to the GC and it blew my mind! Far
exceded my expectations.

Now back home, my attention is focused on some art teaching
gigs and the Christmas season. We cut down a tree on Tuesday
and plan on decorating it tonight. Today i have to sort out outdoor
lights and replace bulbs….