Bonefish and the onset of winter..

Having returned from a two week trip to the Bahamas, I thought I’d post a few pics. Jamie and I enjoyed our low key vacation, spending the days fishing, drinking and relaxing. Our friends, Winter and Amy joined us for part of the trip, adding to the fun. Needless to say I fished everyday, opting to wander the flats and beaches,8 wt in hand. The bonefish were there and reminded me why i love fishing for them so much. Hope you like the pictures…

Reunited and it felt so good… not the biggest of the trip, but a nice little bone; a good way to kick off the trip!

nate bennett of teton fly fishing with bahamas bonefish

This is a shot of Jamie kayaking out in front of our place. Despite the drizzle, the water was as flat as can be, making sight fishing possible despite the lack of sunshine. Overall the weather was great and the island fared the recent hurricane ok.

kayaking the flat water

After fishing all day, some BBQ ribs seemed like a fine idea and if you have to man a grill, I can’t think of many better places.

bbq on the beach

One of the many bonefish i hooked into. Spawning shirmp and Avalons worked well. Sometimes I had to fish lighter flies when the fish were super spooky in the shallow water. Note the white sand bottom. This meant barefoot wading all the time!

bahama bone

High tide brough in the Stingrays; such cool animals. Often times a few big bonefish would be feeding around the Stringrays on the beach where we stayed, picking off critters that the rays kicked up.


Back in Jackson, the snow is falling and winter is here after a mostly warm November. We’re catching up on things and Lulu is glad to have her pack back.