March is for midges…

At last it seems like spring is coming. Days are much longer and warmer. There’s still TONS of snow around but lately we’ve seen temperatures in the 40s. This is great news for Wyoming fly fishermen. Midges are hatching on the Snake river and it’s not uncommon to have some really great dry fly fishing this time of year.

I continue to spend a lot of my time working on the Teton Fly fishing cabin remodel. Once things get finished in the next couple weeks, i’ll post some pictures. Things are coming along nicely and i have a feeling fishing clients are really going to like the improvements here. Also just complete a new watercolor painting. Named “Chomper”, it’s a 18″x24″ watercolor and is for sale if anyone’s interested- $600. If you’re interested, give a shout.

Nate Bennett original watercolor