Heating up

Well there is no doubt that summer has arrived. Temperatures this week in Jackson have been pushing 90 with LOTS of sunshine. I’ve been spending a lot of days down on the Green river, introducing folks to the brown and rainbow trout that reside there. We been fooling fish with dries (yellow sallies, stoneflies, big attractors) and nymphs. Each day it seems that more and more fish are looking up and rising to the many bugs that are floating by. Additionally, smaller streams are fishing well with dries. Snake river flows coming out of Jackson lake dam are about to be cut back to summer levels, meaning that fishing is about to get GOOD. The Wind river over in Dubois is also coming down and I’m looking forward to fishing some folks over there in the coming months.

Two days ago I had the pleasure of taking Devin and Charlyn from Utah, fishing on the Green. Charlyn, despite being 7 month pregnant, put on a clinic, catching numerous trout, including a really nice rainbow! Devin held his own, catching quite a few browns and whitefish (we deemed him the whitefish king, which I think he secretly liked). All in all a nice day spent with good folks. See you on the water….

charlyn with rainbow

Devin's brown

Browns, Rainbows and Blue Sky

Things have been busy around here with fishing trips and
bookings keeping me on my toes. Local waters continue to look
better and better each day as the last of the winter snow melts.
Although water levels are fluctuating a bit, the Green has been
treating us well, with clients having fun and hooking fish. We’ve
been getting most of our fish under the surface, but today Peyton
and Karen hooked a few with dries too. Karen came out swinging,
fooling this great Rainbow on a nymph creation of mine. While
Peyton didn’t land any monsters, he certainly held his own,
hooking lots of respectable brown trout. Good work guys!

Karen's rainbow

Peyton's brown

nymphs get it done today

I had the pleasure today of taking Drew from South
fishing. It was his first time handling a fly rod on a western
stream and he did a great job! As some of you may know,
nymphing without an indicator ain’t easy. It takes patience and
concentration to get a good drift and detect the subtle takes
under the water. Drew was a master; keeping a tight line and
hooking up numerous times, allowing him to see some native
Wyoming fish up close and personal!

Drew hooking up….

hook up

The result; Drew’s first Snake River Fine Spotted Cutthroat

first trout

Tuesday’s fishing

I was reminded yesterday of what my grandfather imparted
on me from the time I can remember, “trout live in the most
beautiful places”. These words couldn’t have been more true as I
fished a secluded mountain stream with my friend Matt. We
ended up catching most of our trout (cutthroat and brook trout)
on tiny nymphs. Takes were subtle in the slow, gin clear water,
and while I enjoyed hooking fish, I would have been just as happy
to sit and watch them move about under the water.

gin clear


Jumping ‘Bows

Yesterday was a great day for all of us. Jon and Jashelle
joined me for a fun day of fishing on the Green river. We knew
that conditions can vary this time year, but headed south in
hopes that the steady river flows would hold for us. It wasn’t
until we crossed the Warren Bridge that we knew we made the
right decision. The Green looked great! Jon was a great
fisherman and his lady, Jashelle caught on quickly. Both
managed to fool a variety of fish (browns, rainbows, cutthroat
and whitefish) during our day. The highlight came when Jon
hooked this gorgeous rainbow and brought it to the boat (after a
spectacular jumping show)! Nice work guys!

with his Green River rainbow