July’s fishing update

Things have been busy around here leaving little time for blog posts and fishing updates; my apologies. July’s been full of fun fishing trips, good clients and unpredictable weather (clients had wool gloves on during a particularly cold, wet day a few weeks back!) Throw in a 3 month old labrador puppy, and you get the drift….

I’ve had the pleasure of guiding quite a few new as well as returning clients lately. It’s always nice to see familiar faces and catch up on what’s happened since last summer. We’ve been fishing the Snake, Green and Salt rivers lately; all of which are in great shape and producing. Dry fly is best on the Snake, with lots of fish being fooled with large attractor patterns. When fish get a bit more picky, PMDs (parachutes and sparkle duns) get the job done.

Bruce shows off one of his catches from the Green river. He and his wife, Susan did a nice job last week fooling some brown trout….

bruce with green brown trout

Yesterday was day off for me and Jamie insisted I take her and Lulu out on the boat. We headed south to the Salt river for a change of pace and had a great time. My friend Matt joined us and it’s safe to say everyone had fun. Lulu did great on her first drift boat trip, taking it easy and supervising Jamie and Matt’s casting. I’m off to fish the Snake this morning. Hope everyone’s having a great summer!

Lulu keeps an eye on rising trout as Jamie mends the line….

jamie and lulu

A little break along the float; everyone’s taking it easy

The riverside crew

Matt shows off a nice Cutthroat trout. We won’t hold it against him that he caught it on a nymph!

Matt with a nice Salt river Cutthroat

mid july fishing..

The summer weather around here continues to keep us fishing guides on our toes. For a while there, things were getting hot; fishing was good in the morning and slowed a bit during the afternoon heat. This week however a much cooler, wetter trend took over. The wet, cool weather should help keep local water temperatures in check and make for better fishing throughout July and August.

I had the pleasure this week of fishing several repeat anglers as well as few new ones. We fished the Green and Snake rivers, finding fish in both. The Green has fished well lately with Dry (big rubber-legged stoneflies) dropper rigs. Today, with fishing slowing due to rising water levels, we switched to streamers a caught some real nice browns. Like the Green, our Snake river cutthroat trout have been falling for yellow sally patterns and small chernobyl type flies. A lot of smaller fish are taking dry flies with the occasional bigger cutt coming to the surface.

Derek shows off a nice Brown from the Green today.  This guy feel for a Black and Red streamer.

Brown from the Green

A little family fun amongst the busy season

I’ve been busy towing the drift boat around lately, floating clients on the Green and Snake rivers. Both are in good shape and fishing pretty well. It’s nice to pull on the oars while watching my anglers cast stonefly patterns to eager fish.

I had a day off this past weekend and told my lady I was taking her fishing (she sometimes gives me a hard time that we don’t get out on the water together as much as we’d like- I have to agree). So off we went, boat in tow; heading south to the Hoback. We had a great day on the water with Jamie fishing like a champ. Most of her fish were caught with yellow stonefly patterns, although a peacock PMX also did well.

Jamie bringing in a snake river cutthroat trout in the Hoback canyon…

Jamie hooked up on the Hoback river

Fruits of her labor… A lot of eager fish hit her stonefly patterns. 

Hoback Cutthroat trout

Now for the dog news…. We decided to get back on the horse and get a new pup. Lulu is a 9 week old yellow lab. Her temperament seems great (she’s curled up at my feet) and I can’t wait to teach her the ways of the water…

Jamie and Lulu…

lulu with jamie