A variety of waters

I’ve spent the past few weeks guiding some great folks on a variety of waters here in the greater Jackson Hole area. The fly fishing’s been pretty good overall despite the big runoff we’re having. Yellowstone National Park has been the primary destination with folks. Thankfully the Firehole has been in great shape and allowed us to target fish with dries and nymphs. Additionally, I’ve also fished folks on area lakes and the upper Green river.

The upper Green is dropping and should start fishing well. The other day down there was tough despite tons of grey drakes, PMDs and stoneflies hatching. I think the slow fishing might have had to do with a big weather change; air pressure changes can really shut fish down and I have a feeling that the big thunderstorms and cooling temps conspired against us. In any event, it’s nice to be getting out and showing folks our great fisheries.

One of several nice fish Chuck caught on the Firehole. Clouds rolled in and the PMDs started emerging, Dry fly fishing got GOOD!

Firehole Brown trout

Kirk and Tasha’s first day of fly fishing included everything- Brown trout, Rainbows and a wandering herd of Bison in Yellowstone National Park. (don’t worry, we gave these guys plenty of space…)

Nez Perce

Mark cast along the Firehole river as a small geyser goes off across the way. The fish made us work, but in the end, Mark landed some nice browns and rainbows making for a fun day.

Mark on the Firehole

Lakes can be fun but tough. If you’re only gonna catch a couple fish, a big Brook trout like this is the way to go! Fun day with Jamie, Neal and their ladies!

Big brookie