Late February Fishing

It’s the end of February and days are getting longer and temperatures have hit 40 degrees in the valley a few times. Midges are showing up regularly on the river and a few tiny black stoneflies are stumbling around too. It’s a great time to go fly fishing! I’ve been out recently with a number of fun folks. We spent the warmer part of days fishing the Snake river, catching whitefish and cutthroat trout on nymphs and dry flies. As we continue toward spring, expect the midge hatches to get bigger, and more and more fish to feed on the surface.

Below are just a few pics from the past week. Folks had a good time braving the elements and finding some fish.

Mike kisses his first fish on the fly. This whitefish didn’t come easy. The wind was howling, making casting challenging.
A guys fishing afternoon- Brendon, Braydon, Mike and Lesley celebrate a successful afternoon on the water.
Adie and son, Ellias work a deep pool on the snake.