Snowpack and what to expect

I just read a brief article about the predicted spring runoff and
what to expect. It got me thinking about fishing options for guests
and what folks can expect and look forward too this upcoming
fishing season. The following are my thoughts, and hopefully will
help you plan your Jackson Hole fly fishing trip.

First off, we’ve had a HUGE amount of snow so far this winter.
While a lot depends on the weather the next few months, I expect
the spring runoff to bigger than normal and last longer. Fear not
though, there are plenty of great places to fish during runoff
provided you’re flexible. Here’s a break down of months and
where we’ll go…

April- Snake and waters over around the Dubois fishing cabin will
fish really well. Dry fly fishing can be some of the best of the year
and larger fish are happily feeding.

May- As area rivers rise and muddy, lakes become fun options.
There’s a lot of them around here and I really like taking my drift
boat on them to sight-fish with streamers. Typically trout are
cruising the shallows and love a leech pattern. Also, there are
some small waters that remain clear.

June- Lakes continue to be a good option. Yellowstone also
becomes a good choice. Waters in the southwest part of the park
(Firehole, Madison, etc.) aren’t as effected by the snow melt and
make for super-fun days. Also, the Green river will clear and fish.
Even when off color and high, the Green can be pretty good with
nymphs, streamers and big dry fly patterns.

July- Usually the Snake clears in July. This year, i bet it starts
fishing better later in the month. The Green will continue to fish
well. The smaller tributaries will also start fishing really well with
dry flies.

So there’s my super basic brake down on what I’m anticipating for
our upcoming early fishing season. Should be another great year
and if anything the snow this winter will mean rivers like the Green
fish well longer into the season.

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