Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow, hey how about some more snow!

What a winter we’re having in Jackson Hole. It seems that the winter storms just keep coming and folks are running out of places to put the snow. So far this week we’ve had the Sears building’s roof collapse and then last night with wind gusts in the valley hitting near 90mphs, numerous power lines buckled, causing a major power outage at Teton Village. The ski resort is closed for the next few days last least as LVE works round the clock to get things back up. Bummer for folks out on ski vacation but fortunately here in town things are okay.

evening view from Teton Fly Fishing cabin

Sunset on the Ramshorn; A view from the Teton Fly Fishing cabin. Lots of snow there. Thank goodness for the snowblower!

All this winter weather has made fishing a bit tough. As February rolls on, I expect things to pick up. Warmer days in the 30s and 40s should get midges hatching and it won’t be long before some good dry fly fishing occurs. I’ve been spending the bulk of my time teaching, both in the high school and alternative high school, and also working over in Dubois at the Teton Fly Fishing cabin. There’s a big remodel underway and I have no doubt my guest will love it! Progress is slow, but we’re making headway and I’m hoping to have things finished by the beginning of April. With all the Snow, critters are all around searching for food. At the cabin, there’s been a mountain lion hunting deer as well as two moose feeding on our aspen trees. It’s a tough time for the animals, but cool to see them up close.

moose at the fishing cabin

One of the moose frequenting the cabin. These guys have been making the rounds feeding on our Aspen trees.

Hunkering down tying flies and strumming the guitar is fun and I’ve been working on small fly patterns for the spring. Really looking forward to some warmer days and jumping fish. Hope everyone’s staying warm.

red midge pattern for spring

This is one of my favorite winter fly patterns; kinda like a zebra midge. It’s red thread, silver wire, a bead and some UV glue. Tie them in size 14-18. I really like to fish this behind a larger stone fly pattern

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