Small streaming it

Finally some proper spring fishing weather around here! I recently spent three great days in the sunshine fishing a favorite small stream of mine with good friends. The fishing wasn’t anything outstanding, but the days were.

casting into a wyoming small stream

My friend Jeromie gets into casting position…

Jeromie with antler

The man has a knack fo finding antlers.

small stream snake river cutthroat

One of the beautiful little snake river cutthroat trout that fell for a dry fly.

Nate of Teton Fly Fishing on a small Wyoming stream

While I spent most of my time working with Lulu on her fishing training, I did get to fish some nice little runs.

Lulu and Iz looking for trout

Lulu and her buddy Iz always keeping an eye out for rising trout.

Nate and Lulu

Me and Lulu having a post fishing beer.

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