Spring’s springing

Boy, spring isn’t wasting any time making its’ presence
known here in Wyoming. Temperatures lately have been
hitting the 50 degree mark and local fly fishers are taking
advantage, both wade and float fishing local waters. I can’t
remember a time when boat ramps were accessible so early
in the season.

I spent the last week or so back east in PA visiting family.
While it’s always good to see folks, it’s nice to be back in the
Rocky Mountain west. While back, my brother Pete and I
manage to sneak out for a few hours in search of brook trout.
Unfortunately waters were high and off color, making small
stream fishing tough if not impossible. Still though, it was
great getting on the water with him.

The next week or so around here has some fishing in the
cards. Jamie and I are headed out on the Snake tomorrow to
take advantage of the great fishing. We’re hoping to fish dry
flies; small black stoneflies, midges, BWO, etc. If nothing else
we’ll have some fun on the water together. Then, I’m headed to
Dubois to check on the cabin and fish the Wind and Big Horn.
Folks are starting to book fishing trips for the upcoming season
and I can’t wait to get back on local waters with guests.

Pete fishing

My brother Pete casts to a plunge pool on a small PA
stream. While this small water is known to hold wild fish, we
didn’t see any. Pete swears he’ll go back and see how it fishes
in warmer weather…

Skwala dry fly

I spent today tying some Skwala stoneflies. Skwalas
emerge in the Spring on Wyoming waters like the Snake. A
big, size 10 fly drifted and twitched along banks often produces
violent strikes! Yes, that is bear fur for the wing.

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