Sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats you…

I was hoping to have some exciting fishing pictures to share after a
few outings on the water lately. Due to laziness (sometimes, I’d
rather just fish than worry about taking pictures) and some slow
fishing, I have nothing to show for myself.

Jamie and I got out on the Snake recently, taking advantage of
beautiful weather. We caught some fish and had fun. It’s a great
time to fish the Snake as large cutthroat are hungry and stoneflies
can be found scurrying along the banks, etc. I expect good fishing
to continue as long as the water clarity holds up. The Hoback has
been cloudy, cause water clarity to drop below its confluence.

Saturday I spent the day with a great client of mine. Looking for
something different, we took the boat down to Pinedale, WY and
floated the New Fork river. The New Fork is a small, mellow river
known for it’s challenging fishing for BIG brown trout. I was
excited, happy to have a good angler in the boat and hoping to get
into some fish. One problem though, when we reached the put in,
the water was muddy; quite a surprise. The 30 mph wind didn’t
help us either. At the end of the day, we got skunked. Yes,
skunked. It hurt our egos and left us searching for answers, but at
the end of the day, we still had fun and realized sometimes “the
bear eats you.”

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