On the road; Utah, CA etc..

I finally have some time to update a few things around here. The long silence was in part due to some time spent traveling. Jamie and I headed to California to visit friends, enjoying some warm weather and poolside lounging/beverages. Upon returning to Jackson, I turned around the next morning and headed down to Flaming Gorge Utah with Matt for our annual fishing trip down there. Add in some substitute teaching, drawing lessons and some days in Dubois, and you can start to see why there has not been much activity around here lately.

This years Flaming Gorge trip was great as usual. Matt and I spent four days fishing to the lower Green River’s resident (and large) rainbow and brown trout. This year was a bit more challenging due to big flow releases coming out of the damn. Morning arrivals at the river had water levels nearly overflowing the banks. However by mid afternoon, water dropped by 2-3 feet making for a much mellower river. Because of the flow fluctuations, fish were spooky and hatches not as consistent as years past. We did pretty well though fishing big streamers, switching to 6X tippets and size 22 midges when we found rising fish.

hooked up

Hooked up below Little hole; fish were hungry for midges

Nate with brown

The result. We took a few from the slow pockets and seams along the banks

matt with fg brown

Matt got his streamer fishing on! All hail the Black and Red!

A view from the water

After hiking down to Grasshopper Island, we surveyed the scene and tried to break the ice off our guides

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