Bahamas and Back

Just back from another great trip to the Bahamas. Jamie and I had a few days to ourselves. Then we picked up our good friends, Kurt, Kelly and Owen and settled in for a great week. We fished a lot, both on foot and with our guide Shervin, relaxed, read and caught up. The weather was pretty good save some wind and clouds and I can’t wait to go back in March! Below are few photos from the trip

On the flat. Note the sharks in the foreground and school of bonefish in the back. Meanwhile, my friend Kurt casts to them as Jamie works them from the boat.
Sketchbook notes on the weeks fishing; sometimes simple is better. A reminder to myself that despite tying and taking lots of flies, only a few are necessary.
Jamie keeping an eye out for bonefish.
Me and Jamie fishing the flats together. I don’t know if I ever experienced such a calm morning on the water. Of course not all days were like this. Several days of the trip had winds blowing and frequent cloud cover making the fish spotting tough.
Me and my guide and friend, Shervin. So great to fish a few days with him again. I don’t know if a kinder man exists. Plus he knows where the fish are!
Watercolor sketch of the flats. Keeping a sketchbook journal is a great way remember trips. My kit is simple; a Winsor & Newton field box paint set, a 5×7″ watercolor notebook and a few brushes, pens and pencils.
Jamie and I celebrating another great day with some cold Kaliks
My best friend, Kurt with a great Bone. Kurt and I have been fishing the flats together for years. After a few days on our own, Kurt, his wife Kelly and son Owen joined Jamie and I. So great to spend a week with these guys, catching up, fishing and having fun!
DIY bonefish on a rising tide. While it’s fun fishing with a guide, I love fishing on my own. I stalked this guy in the shallows for 10 minutes and finally got him to eat.
One of the highlights of the trip for me was hooking into some juvenile Tarpon! Man are these guys fun. After landing a few and then hooking a bonefish, I kept an eye out for a Permit to complete the Grand Slam. Mr. Permit never showed but that’s ok. A day of Tarpon and bonefish are fine by me!

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