Nymphin’ on the Green

Got to take Joe on his first guided float fishing trip the other day. I debated where we’d fish prior to heading south, but after watching the level on the Green drop, I suggested we go see what’s happening. The water was in pretty good shape; off color, but by no means muddy. After helping Joe straighten out his cast and offering a few pointers, we begin fishing. Almost immediately Joe hooked into a big fish which ran him straight up river. Snap, fish gone but big smiles all around. Once Joe got comfortable fighting fish, he landed a few including a really nice brown trout. Countless other fish were lost and at times we donned raincoats to fight off rain showers. Overall it was a good day on the Green and one that Joe will remember.

Not a bad first fish on the fly rod! Nice brown Joe!

joes first fish with a fly rod

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