Fly tying and rainbows

Ran over to the Teton Fly Fishing cabin in Dubois last week to spend a few days working on some paintings and other odds and ends. Lulu joined me and we had some fun roaming the river bottom and finding tennis balls in the Sage brush. I was particularly excited to organize and add a bunch of new fly tying materials to the cabin’s tying desk. It’s nice to be able to tie flies while at the cabin and also offer guests a place to tie. Every fly fishing cabin needs a fully stocked fly tying desk!

fly tying desk at the teton fly fishing cabin

Friday I had the pleasure of guiding some great folks from Mass. Rob and his two boys, Jake and Bo joined me for a fun day of fly fishing. The weather couldn’t have been better and the guys did great learning how to dead-drift nymphs and hooked some fish. The highlight came at the 11th hour when Jake, after loosing several fish, hooked a hot rainbow. The ‘bow ran up and down river, taking line off the reel in an effort to allude us. Jake did great, keeping pressure on the fish but letting him run and eventually got him close enough for me to net. He was all smiles as he admired his catch!

Jake with his first wyoming trout

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