Well, Christmas has come and gone and we’re close to
welcoming a new year with new fishing possibilities. I’m sorry to
report that I haven’t done any fishing. We’ve been dealing with
some seriously cold temps here in the Hole; minus 20 has been
the norm lately and daytime highs haven’t been high at all.
Needless to say we’ve been hunkered down, only going outside to
take Lulu for walks (who doesn’t seem to mind the cold at all).
Instead of donning the waders and long rod, I’ve been tying flies
for the upcoming season. Right now most of the ties are nymphs;
stoneflys, pheasant tail variations, zebra midges, etc. These are
patterns that I use a lot in the winter months, but also in waters
like the Green and Firehole rivers. The beginning of the new year
is always kind of fun, forcing me to organize fly boxes and order
fly tying supplies. Today Lulu and I are heading to the fishing
cabin. I imagine there’s some snowblowing to do and I’ve got some
woodworking projects to get on.

winter tying

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