Fishing with the guy that taught me to fly fish and tie flies

With a lull in client activity this past week, I was able to focus on spending time with lulu, catching up on chores (i won’t bore you with details) and family fishing. My Mom, Dad, brother and Grandfather came out to visit. It’s been good seeing everyone and naturally fishing came up. My Grandfather, Don, taught me to fly fish and tie flies when I was young and first introduced me to Wyoming’s trout streams when I was 12. Over the years we’ve fished a lot together but being 88 now, he doesn’t get out like he use to. Fortunately Jamie and I were able to talk him into a float on the Salt river. It was a great day having him in the front of the boat; casting hoppers to eager cutthroat trout and telling stories about fishing Wyoming waters in the “old days”. Jamie and Lulu held down the back of the drift boat and we had a fun time on the water together. When it was all said and done, Grandad caught a bunch of cutthroat trout (as did Jamie) and we had a streamside visit from a beautiful horse…

Lulu keeps an eye out for rising trout while Grandad works a hopper along the bank

Gpa and Lulu

Grandad, Jamie and Lulu; I could think of a better way to spend an afternoon

family fishing

Jamie, Lulu and I also managed to get out for a few hours the past couple days. The idea was to explore some new waters, and we did. However the fishing left a little to be desired. One stream was just too low to hold much of anything of size and another turned out to be mostly fenced off and private. The bit we fished on Forest Service land did yield some cutthroat (a few nice ones) but we both walked away wishing it was a bit better. I promised Jamie no more exploratory runs when we fish together (at least for a little while….)

Jamie works a run waaaay up the Hoback river. Despite beautiful looking water, fish of any size were lacking. Could’ve been due to low late season water levels….

jamie and lulu exploring

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