Firehole River Fly Fishing

It was a good week of fishing around here in Jackson Hole. Several wade fishing trips proved successful despite some colder weather.

I had the pleasure of taking Kevin C. from Chicago up to Yellowstone National Park Thursday and introducing him to the Firehole River. Water clarity and levels are ideal up there and we had a great day hooking acrobatic rainbows and browns (some of which jumped four feet out of the water when hooked!). We started off swinging wetflies, then switched to various PMD patterns to target rising fish. In addition to great fishing, we got to see some of the sights and animals that make Yellowstone famous. A fine way to spend a day on the water and a fine angling job done by Kevin!

A pretty Firehole River brown trout that took a well presented PMD cripple off the surface..

A firehole river brown trout

Kevin showing off one of many trout brought to hand over the course of our day in Yellowstone. Note the steam from the geyser basin..

kevin on the firehole


The coming week should be a good one too. Temperatures are warming up again and fishing will continue to be good. Hopefully this warm weather will help get the Green river in shape so I can start taking folks float fishing on the upper Green river. In the meantime, Yellowstone’s not a bad place to be!

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