The fishing and catching was pretty good

Given that it’s February and temperatures have been hovering in the thirties lately, it seemed as good a time as any to go fishing. Typically, winter fishing begins to pick up this time of year and continues to be good well into the spring. Today was no exception. We located fish holding in some nice, deep-green water. After giving Jeremy a crash course in short-line nymphing, he was able to land 8-10 fish during our outing. In addition to picking up fish subsurface, there was also quite a few heads breaking the surface, sipping midges. This was great to see and has got me fired up for the 2013 fishing season!

working the water….

winter fishing in Jackson Hole

Success! Jeremy meet Mr. Whitefish, Mr. Whitefish meet Jeremy

first fish of the new year

An occassional tangle is part of the game….

sorting out a tangle

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