Sunday dry flies and rising cutthroat trout

Despite battling a nasty cold, I sucked it up and got out fishing Sunday with my friend Matt. We headed south, choosing to fish the Snake in the canyon, hoping to have water to ourselves. After a little snowshoeing we got on the water; I opted to nymph fish while Matt threw streamers. Both tactics worked, the streamer a little more than the nymphs (at least for a while). I finally tied on a simple peacock soft hackle, a favorite of mine, and could hardly keep the fish off. Dead drifted, swung, it didn’t matter. The cutthroat trout loved it. After landing quite a few fish, I sat down and watched Matt fish. While sitting high above the water i started to see fish rise. That was all I needed. I tied on a small parachute adams, slid down the snowbank and began casting to risers. In the end, Matt and I had a fantastic afternoon of dry fly fishing.


bringing it in

mid march midge fishing

fine spotted cutthroat trout

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