Winter’s arrived

Over the past week or so winter’s arrived in Jackson Hole. We had
are first snow of the season in town and off season is in full swing.
I’ve been taking advantage of the cold, shorter days; catching up
on any number of things that got neglected over the past months.
I’ve dusted off the paint brushes and begun working on some new

Lulu continues to do well, getting walks everyday and plenty of
time hanging out with Jamie and I. We’re over in Dubois at the
fishing cabin stacking firewood and doing chores in preparation for
the winter season. Temperatures are decent here and my friend
Nick and I are planning on floating the Big Horn over in
Thermopolis tomorrow. We’re hoping to catch some of the nice
browns and rainbows the Big Horn’s known for. Hopefully I’ll have a
report later in the week.

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