Winter thaw

The weather lately has left many of us in Jackson Hole scratching our heads. The past couple of days feel like spring; temperatures have been hitting 50 and the snow in the back yard is melting quickly. Heck, we had happy hour beers on friday outside on the deck at Hayden’s Post. Naturally, the warm weather has folks with fly rods itching to get out on the water. I gave into temptation today, hitting up a stretch of the Snake river. There were quite a few folks out with the long rods. The warm day got a good midge hatch going and I saw numerous fish rising in slower water. I managed to catch a couple of nice cutthroat trout before the sun dipped behind the mountains.

Feb cutthroat

A nice cutthroat comes to hand after falling for a midge pattern. Warm weather has fish feeding

Nice side channel run

This nice side channel along the Snake held a couple strong cutthroat trout today

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