Gambling on the conditions and winning

Like most of country, we here in Jackson are getting a big
dose of winter weather lately; not really anything new for us,
but worth noting none the less. This past week a system of
snow storms has brought continuous moisture to our area,
adding to a good snowpack. While it’s easy to become a
hermit in these conditions, it’s always good to get out of the
house, especially when escape comes in the form of a fishing
trip. So, when my neighbor and fellow fishing guide, Chris
Stump, invited me to join him yesterday, I said yes.

Despite the winter storm warning and snow covered roads,
Chris drove us to freedom. Expectations were low; maybe
hook a few fish while donning 20 layers of long underwear,
wool, flannel, down and Gore-Tex. Fortunately, the weather
cleared and the fish gods smiled, rewarding our dedication.
Fishing was fast and furious and at the end of the day all we
could do was laugh.

mid winter man eater

Fortunately, no fingers were lost landing this big

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