A sad farewell to one hell of a companion


Sage (1998-2014)

I’m sad to report that Sage, my constant K9 companion
passed on last Friday. Many of you came to know Sage over the
years, and while she didn’t join me on every guided trip, she did
tag along a lot when folks invited her. She was happy helping
guests, from friends to celebrities, find trout to cast to. Over the
years, she spent more time on cold trout waters than most
humans. In addition to Wyoming waters, Sage fished with us in
ID, MT, UT and CO. She also cruised the country, coming face to
face with alligators in Florida, buffalo and moose in Wyoming
and sea lions in California. Despite turning 15 this past
September, Sage continued to fish with Jamie and I through the
fall and demanded daily walks until the end. In the end, she
lived 15 years 4 months, a hell of a feat for any dog. Things are
lonely round here at the Bennett/ Teton Fly Fishing household.

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