Midges, Rising trout

For those that wonder what our local cutthroat trout do in
the winter, Sage will show you….

As you can see, the trout yesterday were very active. Not
every day in February is like this on the Snake, but most
days, provided the wind isn’t blowing too hard, fish can be
found sipping midges along various stretches of river. Activity
can last anywhere from a brief 20 minute fury, to several
hours like yesterday. On the Snake and Wind rivers, as well
as other waters around here, surface action is usually found in
slower water. Depth doesn’t matter as much. I found fish
yesterday in both deep, back-eddys, and also in a foot or less
of slow, gin-clear water. Now through April is primetime for
midge fishing around here. Grab your 6x tippet, tiny flies and
patience, and see about fooling a few early season trout!

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