Here’s to the New Year

Happy holidays to everyone out there! I hope everyone’s
enjoying themselves and recovering from excessive eating and
drinking… Jamie and I just returned from spending Christmas
with family back in Pennsylvania. We got lucky and managed
to travel without any major problems; a rarity now a days. As
nice as it was spending time with family, it was great to get
back home to Jackson yesterday. We’re keeping the holiday
train rolling tonight and heading out to ring in the New Year
with some live music.

Since we’re on the verge of 2013, I thought I’d think about
fishing related things I’d like to try and accomplish this
upcoming year. Who knows if I’ll get around to everything, but
at least I’ve put ideas down in writing; a crucial first step in
planning a new year of fishing. Soooo, in no particular order,
here are a few of my goals:

Tie as many flies as possible BEFORE guiding gets busy,
ensuring that I won’t have to spend as many nights at the vise
after fishing all day.

Try to get in the Winds with Jamie and hook a few golden

Explore several small streams in Yellowstone that I drive by
every year but never stop to fish.

Get back to the North Platte in early spring

Bighorn, Bighorn, Bighorn

2 new trout paintings a week until spring

Take clients to new “secret” spots over around Dubois

Explore X creek with Matt

Overnight to X Lake with Jamie

Take Matt back to “that” lake and show him that you can fish it
without getting shot

I’m sure I’m forgetting a few, but the ideas above are enough
to get me started. Here’s to the New Year and new Fishing

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