Hiking with a side of fishing and bears…

As we approach the end of May I’m beginning to get
excited for the upcoming fishing season. The runoff appears to
be in full swing around here and I suspect that fishing will be
good in another few weeks. I’ve spent some time hiking with
Jamie lately. Now, as some of you might know, I’m not much
of a hiker. However, when there’s a lake that holds trout
involved, I can be persuaded to walk distances without
complaining. Taggart lake in the Tetons is a favorite of mine
for a hike mixed in with a little fishing. I managed to catch a
couple nice fish during our outing and also found time to do a
little exploring.

a cut from taggart

We were also fortunate to see a few Grizzly bears the
other night in GTNP. Locally celebrity, Grizzly mama 610 has
been frequenting the oxbow/ dam area in the park with her
cubs. Unfortunately, the bears managed to evade most
photographers by keeping to the willow bushes. We did
manage a couple of long distance pictures.

bears from afar

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