Still A LOT of snow up there

It’s the end of May, but you’d never know it here in Jackson
Hole. We’ve had an incredibly cold, wet spring this year. In
fact, just this week snow was falling and more is on the way,
with another storm system predicted to hit Western Wyoming
Sunday night. The snow pack stands at 237% of average and
locals are concerned with the flooding that will most likely
happen when temperatures warm and the snow begins melting.

It’s not uncommon to have this kind of weather at the end of
May (seems that it always snows on Memorial Day), but it is
uncommon to have so much snow sitting in the mountains
(even the old timers I talk to seem baffled). Fortunately, it
looks like sunshine is forecasted to arrive next week. Hopefully
it does, as everyone in the valley is starting to go a little

Consequently, the fishing around here hasn’t been much to talk
about. All major rivers are muddy and swollen, with lakes in
the Tetons just starting to loose their ice. I’ve been getting out
and focusing my attention on a few small streams that have
remained fairly clear. The fish in them aren’t big, but they are
pretty, and happily take flies. Yesterday, after teaching a
cartooning project to high school biology students, my friend
Matt and I fished a nice local stream. And while it was off
color, we manage to catch a couple nice cutthroat trout on
nymphs- a fitting end to the work week.

For now, I’m going to enjoy the three day weekend with Jamie
and Sage; focusing my attention on family walks, playing some
guitar and tinkering with fishing gear with hopes of nicer
weather to come.

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