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February 20, 2013a few days out

Yesterday, when I began casting in the sunshine, I thought I was in for a nice day in Wyoming. I figured I had payed my dues the previous days; fishing in temperatures that never got out of the 20s. Temperatures that kept my waders and fly line frozen pretty much nonstop. Yes, it was going to be glorious! However, shortly after hooking the first of several brown trout, the sun disappeared behind a constant flow of clouds coming over the mountains to the west.

Oh well, that's fishing in Wyoming in February. Fortunately my layers of Gor-tex, wool and fleece kept me warm and dry.Overall the past few days on the water were just what was needed despite the weather. At some point I found some fish rising to midges in the shallows, fooled a few acrobatic fish with nymphs and got to spend time with Sage, my old lab who likes to fish nearly as much as me. Not bad for the third week of February, not bad at all.

Some watchers on the hill....


He loved the nymph....

caught in   the cold

Wyoming water in February...

wyoming trout water


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