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January 03, 2013Custom Fly Assortments

Teton Fly Fishing custom flies

Custom Hand-tied Flies for Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Beyond!

Over the years, many of my clients have asked to buy flies from me; ensuring they get patterns that work well here and that hold up to numerous fish. I decided to put together a box of my favorite flies. I consider this to be a great all-around collection of patterns that will work well on the waters in and around Jackson Hole, as well as on many other Wyoming trout waters. I offer a Jackson Hole assortment which contains dry flies, nymphs and streamers that work great around here. This assortment comes in a fly box and contains three-dozen flies. If you would like more flies, let me know and I can tie whatever you need.



If you’d like a box of my hand-tied flies for your upcoming trip to Jackson, or as a souvenir, give me a call or shoot me an email. I’m also happy to tie custom orders too. Just tell me what you need!

Prices are as follows:

Jackson Hole assortment (36 flies) with box: $130

Custom flies per dozen $36

Jackson Hole fly assortment

Where the magic happens; Teton Fly Fishing tying desk...

Teton Fly Fishing tying desk


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