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December 10, 2012Xmas trees and moose

Things around here at Teton Fly Fishing world headquarters have been pretty quiet. Snow has been falling intermittently over the past couple days making it feel more like Christmas. I haven't done much fishing lately, opting instead to devote time to fly tying and painting.

Jamie,Sage and I ventured out and cut down a tree last week and have it set up, giving our little place a festive feel. Below are a few pictures from our adventure. We saw a few critters, including a porcupine on a mission and a lot of moose. Note the group of bull moose hanging out together. Typically, Moose are solitary, but in the winter they seem to like company. There were a total of 8 in a group together taking it easy.

Bennetts with their tree


porcupine on the move

three's company


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