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November 09, 2012Interviewed in a great book on Fly Fishing Yellowstone

Always on the prowl for good regional fly fishing books, I thought I’d give folks a heads up on a great book about fly fishing in Yellowstone, written by fisherman, freelance journalist and rocker, Nate Schweber. Schweber’s book, Fly Fishing Yellowstone National Park, an insider’s guide to the 50 best places, came out a few months back and I’ve been meaning to mention it, but haven’t found the time until now.

yellowstone fly fishing book

While there are many good books about fishing in our first National Park, Nate’s take is a little different; not so much a how-to book, as much as a personalized account of special- waters and memorable moments told by a collection of fisherman such as Tom McGuane, Jimmy Carter, etc. You can even read a chapter/interview with yours truly about fishing the Fall River. (who would’ve thought the “Powers that Be” would allow me to share pages with Dick Cheney…)

Schweber’s book is a great read and deserves to be on your bookshelf. Plus, Christmas is coming and it’d make a great gift….. Get it here.

Nate Bennett, Teton Fly FIshing chapter


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