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August 20, 2012August fishing

It's been a while since my last post. I've been spending nearly every day out on the water with some great folks and haven't found the time or the energy for typing; my apologies.

We've been having some fun dry fly fishing on the Snake lately. Clients have fished everything from Royal Wulffs to tiny PMD emergers; raising cutthroat trout of all sizes. Many of the bigger fish we've picked up have come from fast seam lines and deeper riffles, but bank fishing is coming into it's own too.

I've also spent some time guiding folks out on Flat Creek in the Elk Refuge. While this stream isn't for everyone, it's one of my favorites to take folks out on. I love the challenge of finding rising fish and helping anglers choose and present their flies correctly. This is PhD fly fishing and a good day means catching one or two NICE trout (many fish in Flat Creek exceed 20") The other day I had Dan and Steven out on it to test their skills. Both did well hooking and landing a few fish. The highlight of the day was helping Dan get a MASSIVE cutthroat to rise in slack water to his emerger pattern. Unfortunately, once hooked, the beast of a fish made a run for it, snapping Dan's 5x tippet. Despite this, Dan said that experience was one of the coolest things he's experienced on the water.

A nice rainbow caught last week on the Green River. Nice work Tom!

August Rainbow

Dan passing Flat Creek's challenge!

Dan on Flat Creek


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