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January 21, 2011Tying for the Bonefish

I couldn’t wait any longer. Flies are being tied, and not tiny ones for the local trout! These fly are tied on large stainless- steel hooks and have legs, eyes, and claws- Bonefish flies!

Merkin Fly

Over the years, I’ve become a bit of a bonefish addict. This addiction seems to get worse the more I do it. (Make no mistake, I’m not very good at it, but I enjoy it- fish or no fish.) The thought of standing in warm Caribbean waters while scanning for grey ghosts helps get me through the winter. This however, is a problem for several reasons. First off, I live in western Wyoming, nowhere near bonefish flats. And secondly (and most important), I am not rich and bonefishing is a rich man’s game. Just price airfare and lodging to far off lands and you’ll see what I mean.

Fortunately, Jamie and I have been able to set aside some money each year and travel (on the cheap) to bonefish rich waters (primarily fishing on our own and staying at affordable cabanas). We’ve spent the past few years exploring in Mexico near the Belize border. And while we’ve enjoyed it there, this year we thought it was time to try something new.

Bonefishing flat in Xcalak

After looking at some options, we decided to give the Bahamas a try. Originally, we were looking at Eluethera, but after seeing the cost of airfare, etc., we’re focusing our attention on Grand Bahama. Seemed like it quiets down the further east on the island you go, and we found a house to rent on the beach for a very reasonable rate. Or friends, Kurt and Kelly, are going to join us for the first week we are there, and I can’t wait to go looking for fish with Kurt. This brings me back to the flies. In addition to tying enough flies for myself, I also need to stock Kurt’s fly box. Truth be told, we both probably need a dozen or so basic bonefish patterns- some gotchas, clousers and maybe a merkin. However, at the rate I’m tying, we will hit the water with enough flies to stock a fly shop!

Well, I’d like to keep writing about the bonefish, but I’m headed out to fly fish on the Snake- hoping a few whitefish will be hungry. More to come on the upcoming vacation later. Enjoy the weekend.


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