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March 22, 2012Favorite Flies for Jackson Hole


               Favorite Flies for Jackson Hole

Many times clients ask me what flies I recommend for fishing our many waters here in Jackson Hole. Take a walk into one of the fly shops in town, or thumb through your most recent fly fishing catalogue and you’ll see hundreds of different flies to choose from. And while I carry many different patterns in my fly boxes, there are several flies that I wouldn’t be caught without. Below is my list of go to flies. Whether you’re fishing on the Snake, or one of its tributaries, these are what I’d recommend carrying:

Stimulator size 8 and 10- can represent hoppers, stoneflies, etc.

Royal Wulff size 12- a great attractor dry fly.

Parachute Adams, size 10-20- a size 14 will get you through most situations.

Black Wooly Bugger- size 8- can represent stonefly nymphs, leeches, etc.

Parachute Hare’s Ear- size 10-18- size 12 is great and can represent several of our mayflies, also a good all-around searching pattern.

PMD Sparkle Dun- size 14- a great pattern for PMD hatches and can represent several of the insect stages.

Double Humpy- size 8- great dry fly attractor. Can be used to represent stoneflies, hoppers.

Copper John- size 14- fish it by itself, or as a dropper

Hopper (Dave’s, parachute, grand, etc.) size 6-10- fish key in on these during the summer.

Chernobyl Ant- size 8- I like to tie mine with a tan underbody, but other colors work great too. One of the go-to summer patterns around here.

Pheasant Tail nymph- size 12- 18- A great all around nymph to have in your box. Different sizes will represent several of our mayfly species; for instance try a size 18 or 20 during a Blue Wing Olive hatch.

Grey Drake Sparkle Dun- size 10- The Green River and Flat Creek have great Grey Drake hatches. The sparkle dun is a favorite of mine to fish when these large mayflies are on the water.

So there you have it, my favorites. I realize I left some great patterns off the list, but I think these 12 patterns will get you through almost any situation out here. For those of you in need of flies, or looking for a souvenir to take home with you, check out a box of my hand-tied flies.


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