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March 11, 2012Spring Forward!

It's fitting that with the spring time change comes sunshine and good fishing on the Snake! The past few days here in Jackson Hole have been beautiful, with temperatures in the high forties and blue skies. This weather has been great to fish in. We've spent time fishing some select spots on the Snake and have been rewarded with trout; taken both on dries and nymphs. Midges are hatching like crazy right now, evident by the HUGE piles of shucks on the banks as well as the hundreds of adults floating on the surface. Here are a few pictures from our outing.

Husks, bigger and thicker than my beard...


fishing in the sunshine

hungry snake river cutthroat

March 11, 2012Love that last pic of the riser! I've never seen such a pile of midge husks like that. Thank God winter's over!!!!
March 11, 2012In hind sight that last pic may be one being brought to the net (?) I'd stick with the "riser" photo, though.
March 12, 2012The photo's up for interpretation.....glad you liked it!


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