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January 16, 2011Getting out

Rain in January? Yep, that's what is happening right now here in Jackson. The past few days have been pretty mild- temperatures have been creeping up to around 40 degrees in town. This was enough to justify getting out on the Snake again the other day. Despite the mild weather, the fish stumped us. That's the beauty of winter fishing. One day you think you just might have things figured out, only to see that confidence drift away as you stand knee deep in current, picking up nothing more than a stick. Morale is restored briefly when you (with verification from your friend) see a fish break the surface. However, the excitement fades as your griffins gnat goes unnoticed. At the end of this winter outing, the only thing you have figured out is that you have a sizable leak in you waders. On the walk back to the truck, plans are made to try again next week.

January 18, 2011At least when you're skunked in January, there are plenty of plausible excuses to go around...
January 19, 2011so true.


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