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January 15, 2012Got out for some music....

No snow and not much in the way of fishing (or skiing). That’s how it’s been around here lately. And while it hasn’t been dreadful, a little new snow would certainly boost morale, both for folks around town and the trout that depend on a robust snowpack for survival. Not time to worry yet though, we still have a lot of winter left.

I’m been keeping myself busy around here tinkering with various art projects and playing some music, both on the guitar and a newly acquired ukulele. Speaking of music, I saw a great band last night- Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit at a local watering hole. The music itself was fantastic; alt country fueled by whiskey and struggle. Unfortunately the venue was less than adequate for such a great band. Somewhere along the way, live music has taken a back seat to superficial chit chat and constant cellphone checks. I watched the show intently, as did a quarter of the other folks in the bar, but it was clear that $20 ticket or not, most folks were there to socialize and show off their first ever attempt at facial hair. (Yes, I realize I sound like a curmudgeon) Regardless, it was great to see some rock n’ roll in a mountain town that’s become increasingly more interested in techno music and energy-drink fueled dance parties. If you like rock n’ roll and alternative country music, do yourself a favor and checkout Jason Isbell.

Couldn’t resist the vinyl…..came with a free digital album download as well.



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