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January 03, 2012Winter fishing in Jackson

There are those that seek trout in fair weather, opting for shorts, shirtsleeves and sandals. Then there is another breed of angler. One who foregoes the ski lifts, preferring to tramp through ice- crusted river bottom, donning Gore-Tex and a stiff 6 weight; risking hypothermia, wind-burned cheeks and clumps of snow on their felt boots that resemble high heals. These anglers are a hardy bunch; more concerned with getting out, rather than how many fish they catch. Catch fish they do though. Mainly on nymphs, however the occasional midge hatch keeps things on the surface interesting.

I can’t claim that winter fishing around here in western Wyoming is great; a fish here and there (whitefish or cutthroat) will do, but casting a fly rod all while watching a moose feed on willow buds across the river channel sure beats sitting inside. These winter days, fish or no fish, leave the astute winter angler wondering why no one else is out.

Here's a shot of Sage supervising the winter fly fishing along the Snake. Not bad for being 13.

sage   on snake


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