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September 12, 2011Snake's fishing well!

My apologies for the lack of entries lately on the blog front. Things here in Jackson have been busy and fish have been biting- A man's gotta have priorities (and a blog looses out when the fishing's good!)  I've been spending time finding fish for folks and tying flies to fool them. Folks in my boat have been catching a variety of size cutthroat trout on dry flies and have had fun doing so. Right now, my go-to fly is a PMD- these guys are coming off the water around noon and really get the fish moving in the riffles. As we transition into fall (i.e. get some colder temperatures and gray days) I'd expect to see some snake drakes, mahogany duns and blue- winged olives to make appearances.

This is my favorite time to fish around here. Hope everyone's able to get out and make the most of things. Below are some fine cutthroat trout that were recently caught on the Snake. Nice work Matt!

Matt with trout

trout in net

December 12, 2011Nate, What a great time! Your patient putting up with my two boys is appreciated. 3 months later they are still talking about the trip and all the cutthroat they caught. We hope to see you soon. Matt


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