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July 22, 2011Fishing
If you read my brief fishing report, you'll know that I'm feeling a bit optimistic. After a long bout of high, dirty water, it seems that things are improving and we're on the verge of fishing here in Jackson.

I've had some folks out on morning walk-in trips this past week and also ventured down to the Green river. Folks have caught some smaller trout on dry flies (caddis and parachute adams). This has been great to see, not only because for many it was their very first fish on a fly rod, but also because it's been a while since fish have taken a fly on the surface.

I think the Green's really going to provide some great dry fly fishing. Floating it the other day, it looked pretty good. And while not totally clear, it's definitely fishable, especially if you don't mind drifting some nymphs.

Our old friend the Snake may just come around this summer and give us some good fishing. I noticed that the levels are down, exposing new gravel bars and channels. It's still dirty, but I'd expect it to look better and better each day. Hopefully we'll be out on it soon casting hopper patterns to eager trout. In the meantime, I'll happily take folks to the Green!

Good things happen to those who wait...


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